Student representatives ("Quality Circle")

Each new batch of IIS students elects several student representatives who represent your interests in different boards and committees, such as the Quality Circle. Taking place once a month, the Quality Circle consists of students of all current IIS batches and the assistants of the coordinator of the study program. The Quality Circle discusses the current situation of students doing the IIS master's program and resolves upcoming problems. Moreover, the Quality Circle deals with the program's objectives that are fixed the Studiengangsmatrix and discusses the extent to which these are fulfilled. We welcome you to have a look at your Studiengangsmatrix that can be accessed here.


If you have any feedback concerning your course of study, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the representatives which you can see below via our centralized e-mail

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You are also welcome to ask questions if you need any help.

Our current student representatives (IIS Quality-Circle)
    Fabian Roth, 
IIS-Support Team
    Entry WS 16-17    
Fabian Roth,   FSI representative Michael Heinitz, FSI representative Nina Wooten Moritz Albrecht Andrés Bernal
    Entry WS 15-16    
Jonas Dietrich,   FSI representative Zhenyu Wang Aleksander Penew Bettina Schwab  

Moreover, the Fachschaft Wirtschaftsinformatik (FSI)  is an association of students which is happy to help you with your enquiries. You can find information about IIS and contact persons on their website FSI WInf/IIS.

More information about the different boards and committes can be found in the section Boards and Committees. An overview of the quality management at the department Wirtschaftswissenschaften in general is given at Das Qualitätsmanagement in der Übersicht (