Your Program: Structure

Overview of the IIS program

To graduate in the program of International Information Systems you have to take courses out of the following modules. For a more detailed view please download the module manual that you will also find on this page. Please consider that there are two versions available. One for those who started the program before and one for those who startet the program within/after WS 2014/2015.


Students starting from the winter term 2016/17 can choose to study specialisations. Specializations are combinations of related modules in which a minimum of 20 ECTS are to be completed. Within a specialization, at least one module (5 ECTS) from the area IIS Management and one module (5 ECTS) from the area Informatics has to be chosen. Upon request, students may receive written confirmation of up to two specialisations that they have studied. The five available specialisations are the following, more information on their respective modules can be found in the module handbook:

  • Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Networked Business
  • Digital Transformation
  • Software Product Management

Program Structure

For further details on the Master of Science in International Information Systems please have a look at the:

Module Manual

Management (20 ECTS)
Management I
Management II (Choose two out of three options)
Informatics (20 ECTS)
Informatics I
Informatics II (Choose option 1 and (2 or 3))
  1. Konzeptuelle Modellierung
    (5 ECTS, WS & SS)
  2. Praktische Softwaretechnik
    (5 ECTS, WS)
  3. Software Entwicklung in Großprojekten
    (5 ECTS, WS)
Foreign Language Skills (5 ECTS)
Foreign Language Skills Choose one of the following options:
IIS-Management (30 ECTS)
Electives (choose 15 ECTS out of everything)
Innovation and Value Creation I *
Services, Processes, Intelligence I * (Choose one out of two options)
IT Management I * (Choose one out of two options)
Innovation & Value Creation II ** (Choose up to 15 ECTS)
Services, Processes, Intelligence II ** (Choose up to 15 ECTS)
IT Management II ** (Choose up to 15 ECTS)
Study Abroad Courses ** (Take up to 15 ECTS of your university abroad)
Informatics (30 ECTS)
Electives (choose 15 ECTS out of everything)
Data Management I * (Choose one out of two options)
Software Engineering I * (Choose one out of two options)
Applied Software Engineering I * (Choose one out of four options)
Data Management II ** (Choose up to 15 ECTS)
Software Engineering II ** (Choose up to 15 ECTS)
Applied Software Engineering II ** (Choose up to 15 ECTS)
Extension Courses ** (Take up to 15 ECTS of different chairs of the Department of Informatics)
Study Abroad Courses ** (Take up to 15 ECTS of your university abroad)
Seminars (5 ECTS)
IIS-Seminars (Choose one out of four options)
Master Thesis (30 ECTS)


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The first semester starts with a customized introduction to International Information Systems. Here students from a management background take the informatics module whereas students with an IT background take the management module. This helps the student gain competencies not covered in their previous study, which are a must for the successful completion of the rigorous curriculum awaiting them in the later part of the program. The first semester also includes the foreign language module where students take different language courses.

Important: The informatics courses offered in the first semester for students from a management background (Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen, Konzeptionelle Modellierung) are held and examined in German! For these courses we recommend German language skills of at least B1 - B2!

We highly recommend taking a German course before starting the master program. More information on intensive German courses during offered by the University during the semester break can be found here. 

The second and third semester's courses integrate interdisciplinary perspectives across the fields of management and core informatics.

The curriculum includes:

  • Innovation & Value Creation
  • Services, Processes, Intelligence
  • IT Management
  • Data Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Applied Software Engineering

In addition there are four offered seminars at the end of the third semester, to confront students with real international business challenges in an interdisciplinary context and prepare them for their master's thesis by designing, carrying out, and documenting a research projects in the field of International Information Systems.

The fourth semester is reserved for the student to complete his/her master's thesis in co-operation with an international corporate or academic partner.

It is mandatory for students to study abroad for at least one semester during the course of the program. More information can be found under Going abroad.